Monday, June 22, 2015

Temple Dedication


I’m on a very subpar computer here in La Merced. I might need to change computers. 

Good news: I GOT MY PACKAGES!, the temple dedication was sweet yesterday, and we had a cool exclusive zone meeting with president and the assistants. First off, I got my packages, and I am super happy about that. Both packages came the same day! The bag and the candy with ties and the USBs. Thanks soooooo much! :) And thanks to Camron as well! It is crazy how much receiving a package from home just lifts your spirits, and I am extremely grateful to have such an awesome family. 

Yesterday, as you know, was the Trujillo Temple dedication. Uchtdorf and Bednar came to Peru to do the dedication. It was super awesome. I watched all three sessions and it was a super cool experience for all of Peru. Uchtdorf talked about how it was Father’s Day yesterday and how there wasn't a better way to celebrate it than to give and dedicate a temple to our Heavenly Father. I couldn't have agreed more. Today in the morning we just barely this morning had a special meeting with President (President has and will do one with every zone). We watched the Holland 2011 MTC address. The one were Holland talks about how you better have at least one convert and that’s yourself. Also, we talked about the importance of studying, obedience, and teaching people not lessons. It went well.

I am great! We will be here until tomorrow, and then we head out to Villa Rica! Cool! Dont worry about me I am doing fine! Things are super good though. We are working with quite a few new investigators. We have two with fecha right now, Abel and Winner. Abel is a sweet new investigator who I really feel like can and will progress. He is a nice 26 single working guy. He has super honest desires to follow Christ and better his life, and he is super receptive to the message of the restored gospel. Winner is the joven of 15 years who goes to seminary all of the time and church and has been investigating the church for about 6 months now. Because of his parents and doubt we kind of left him for a while, but it sounds like he is ready now. We also will rescue Eufelio, a less active member, this week. And yeah there is a lot more in the works but those are the people we are focusing on.

Things going well with Elder Grandstaff—slow and steady wins the race, and I am really doing my best to teach him everything I can. I read in a Liahona once that obstacles are just a catalyst for creativity, and I am applying that by teaching Spanish creatively. With creativity, faith and pure perseverance, the language will come for him. Great guy. 

Love you so much. I want to send dad an email today just for
Father’s Day so I’ve got to go. Love you.

Elder Walker
Elder Grandstaff and I at the chapel in Merced