Monday, June 1, 2015

Interesting Week

Como estan todos?

So this week was good. Elder Grandstaff got back on Thursday from his trip to Lima to go to immigrations. I spent Monday in Oxapama, and then went to Villa Rica with Elder Angel and Elder Yeh, and we worked in my area until Wed. They left Wed. morning, and I did a division with a youth here preparing for the mission named Gesmer. I stayed with him until Thursday morning. So it has been kind of an interesting, weird week. It has really just been a weird transfer, and I’m ready for things to get back to normal. 

The division I did with Gesmer was a super humbling and great experience. Gesmer is a convert of about 2 years, and the only member in his family of 12 brothers and sisters. His is the last child. We are super good friends and in confidence he started just telling me about his life. How when he was young he moved schools a lot. In my room he saw my calendar and started with my permission to look at all of the pictures. And he just told me how lucky I am to have my friends and family support me by coming to my activities and graduation and everything because he never had that kind of support. I didn't think to much of it until at night we had a FHE type thing in the church and the Hermana missionaries showed a super cool video about eternal families and during the video Gesmer walked out, and being my comp naturally I followed. But he was just crying his eyes out, and I think in that moment I finally understood how truly blessed I really am. I have so many friends a family who love me I am already accepted in college. Just a very humbling time for me.

This week was good we have a couple investigators progressing right now. We are working with Ariana and her member mom Madelyne, who is coming back to church now. We will baptize Ariana. We are also working with Eufelio who is a super cool investigator. We had great numbers this week despite the craziness, and we found a lot of new investigators. I am glad Elder Grandstaff is back, and little by little his Spanish is improving. 

I just heard about Tom Perry passing away. That makes me very sad. He looked so good this last Conference. I will miss his happy face.

So I already have to go. If you haven’t already sent my USB, I don’t need Meet the Mormons now because my comp bought that in Lima for me, but the other stuff I still want. Thanks for everything. I realized yesterday that this is the last week of school! Crazy, it seems like I was just in BC graduating. LOVE YOU!!

Elder Walker